Waterproof Collars for your Dog!

Waterproof Collars for your Dog!

This evening, we launched not one, not two, not even three but FOUR new designs of waterproof collar for your dogs. Whilst traditionally, on our store, the majority of our designs are created from Biothane. We can make every style from a waterproof alternative webbing to reduce the cost of these for our customers.


What are the benefits of waterproof collars?

Well, the first is obvious - they are waterproof! And we have a running joke in our pack that they are Spaniel-proof. Traditional dog collars absorb water, which makes them heavy, uncomfortable and can wear away the collar quicker over time. In addition to this, as they absorb water, they also absorb dirt and bacteria which means, unless you keep it just for your Sunday best, your collar can quickly end up becoming very dirty, very quickly.



As well as being waterproof, our Biothane collars are odour-resistant (we weren’t lying when we said Spaniel-proof!) and rot-resistant. Many ‘waterproof’ collars on the market are created with silicone hardware, which we have heard many reports, particularly from water-loving spaniels to say that whilst the collar webbing itself doesn’t smell, the hardware can leave you pinching your nose from the unpleasant odour. As our collars use metal hardware, the collar is completely odour-resistant.


Now, unlike most other companies, we are not going to go into the tensile breaking strength of Biothane itself. Biothane is a very strong material but almost every business we see advertising the breaking strength of their collars, is misleading by advertising the breaking strength of the Biothane webbing they use, rather than the strength of their finished product. We have had both designs of our handmade Biothane leads strength tested independently in the UK, respectively tested to over 200kg and 260kg.

We are in the process of having every style and size of collar strength tested and plan to have this completed by the end of 2025, but to begin, we had our weakest collar at the time tested – a 7”-10” arrow adjustable collar in 16mm with just one handmade attachment securing the back of the collar. We are pleased to say our weakest collar had a tensile strength of over 100kg, and our handmade elements were stronger than the strength-tested hardware we use – talk about strong! Considering this style of collar is designed for dogs weighing only around 5kg, we can confidently say we stand strong on the quality of our craftmanship.


Now, without further ado, let’s introduce our collar styles. Each style has been exquisitely designed and handcrafted in Yorkshire, England. If the above hasn’t converted you that the only way is waterproof, these beautiful and classy collar designs will…

The Pure Adjustable Collar 


The Pure ID Collar 



The Arrow Adjustable Collar 


The Arrow ID Collar 



The Trinity Adjustable Collar 


The Halo Adjustable Collar 


and, whilst this isn't a collar - it is still worth including our beautiful new waterproof camera straps too.


The Beautiful New Waterproof Camera Straps

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