Who We Are

We are a small family business from Pocklington, Yorkshire. And we are here to help provide yourself and dogs with high-quality items which not only help your dogs to thrive, but your bond to thrive too.

We believe every single dog should have access to safe dogwear, and dog parents shouldn't have to comprimise on style to do so. Our mission is to redefine the standards in which apparel is provided to dogs in the UK market. Alongside this, we aim to help educate on what is safe, how to choose safe accessories and to make informed decisions regarding your dogs nutrition too.

All our products are own-brand. They are either handmade by ourselves to the best safety standards, or they are created for us by authentic, trustworthy suppliers who strength test their products to ensure they are safe for dogs. We are dedicated to exceptional products and oustanding customer service.

Great style for grand adventures.

That's it from us for now, we're off to create exceptional products for you and your dogs to enjoy. But, don't take our word for it, check out our customers reviews on our Trustpilot to see how we've helped dogs Nationwide.

To Style


Strength tested harnesses and handmade, high-quality collars, leads and bow ties. Our apparel is designed to be functional, aesthetic and durable. We supply great style for grand adventures.

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To Savour

Natural Treats & Chews

We provide dogs with healthy, single-protein natural treats and chews. From high value, perfectly sized training treats designed to enhance your training sessions through to long-lasting chews to keep your dogs stimulated and their teeth healthy.

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To Stimulate


High-quality silicone enrichment mats and moles designed to engage your dogs attention and stimulate their senses.

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To Pamper


Handmade paw balms to keep your dogs paws soft and healthy all year round. We use natural ingredients sourced from other UK businesses for our grooming range and create all balms ourselves in Yorkshire.

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