Merlin is a shared cream long-haired miniature dachshund from Hampshire, South England! Wai and Merlin came together by a chance of fate and now spend their days enjoying the perfect balance of peace, exploration and choas! Their favourite Woof and Snout products are our range of custom collars and leads which they enjoy tailoring to match Merlin's iconic style.

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Merlin is a small miniature dachshund who weighs 5kg. He wears a custom 10.75"-12.25" (16mm) in our waterproof collar range and a size XS in our Explorer harness range. You can find a selection of Merlin's top choices from our collection by clicking the button below.


Merlin is a shared cream long-haired miniature dachshund born in July ‘23. Although, almost all of his shading has now faded away. Hailing from South Wales, his name is a nod to his Welsh heritage. Had Merlin been a girl, then he would have been named Guinevere or Genivieve.

I (his ‘Dad’, Wai) am just about old enough to remember the 80’s. I work from home full time, and I am a connoisseur of bad (read: terrible) jokes and puns. Merlin is my first dog and he’s proven to be quite the handful while trying to raise him on my own. As challenging as it’s been, I don’t regret my decision to bring him home in the slightest. I’ve had a lot of self-doubt along the way, but no regrets.

A bit of a ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, Merlin came home in Sept '23 (aged 2 months) in a bit of a whirlwind! His original family had to pull out of taking him, and so I was asked if I wanted to take him. I was asked on the 31st August and within 10 days on the 10th Sept he was on his way home with me from South Wales in the back of a friend’s car.

I think my original place on the waiting list was for early 2024. So he came much, much earlier than planned, and I wasn’t prepared! Queue some hasty purchases to get things ready in time. In a way, we just crashed together in some twist of fate, rather than actively choosing one another.

He has no interest in chewing shoes/cables/furniture etc. He doesn't steal socks or slippers and he is generally really chilled out at home, preferring a snuggle over play. But take him outside, and he is in no way lacking confidence meeting other dogs! He will bark his head off until he can say hello. He’s curious and loves nothing more than exploring the world. He seems to be at his happiest when he’s able to roam off lead.  

Day to day life with Merlin

With summer on the way, we've started going on much longer walks. I've noticed that being off lead and exploring is something Merlin really enjoys, and so I like finding places where I can just let him go - like our nearby woods.

He doesn’t seem all that interested in playing. While trying to ‘fetch’ with a ball in a field sees him run after the ball, but then leave it behind for me to go and get myself! We haven’t tried any other activities (yet), but I’m still figuring out what he does and doesn’t like. So far, exploring is definitely top of the list.

From my own social perspective, I do love taking him to the pub with me, where he quickly keeps me away from any conversation that I’m trying to have with my friends, while also trying to get the attention of everyone else (with much success, might I add!). 

I’m starting to get the impression that he prefers peace at home, exploration when out, and chaos while socialising!

Why did I choose a shaded cream long-haired miniature dachshund?

I'm still asking myself that!! 

Don't tell Merlin, but I originally wanted an Alaskan Klee Kai, but they are quite rare in the UK and there's only really 1 reputable breeder that I'm aware of.  Furthermore, the litters are small, and so the waiting list is quite long.

When researching other breeds, I found that Dachshunds in particular, despite their stubbornness, are known for being loyal, affectionate, and full of personality. Upon seeing the Cream Dachshund, it just felt right. I didn't find myself being drawn to any other breeds except for this little long haired, cream coloured Dachshund. 

I do feel like no one warned me about just how much patience is actually needed – Probably for puppies in general to be fair. They're smart... But they also know how to be stubborn, push their boundaries (and yours), and get hyper focussed on things when outdoors. Be prepared to look like you're talking to yourself most of the time, or that your pup just doesn't listen. It can get quite frustrating. But, have patience and persevere, and it does get easier.

Oh, and be prepared for every passing child to shout 'it's a sausage!' and for everyone at the pub to ask if they can 'touch your wiener'!

Our Favourite Woof and Snout Product 

I don't think I could pinpoint a particular product as our favourite, but perhaps more a service. Specifically custom items. In a recent post on our Instagram channel, I mentioned that 'no outfit is complete without a custom Woof & Snout collar and lead', and that's pretty much become a fact of life for us! With every new harness my first thought is ‘what combo do I pair it with?’ Yes, you can get the generic matching bits, but it just doesn't hit the same! 

It means that every outfit has something of a personal touch to it and each outfit is unique. 

Our Best Adventure Yet!

Being only 10 months old, and with the weather only now starting to improve, we haven’t been on many adventures yet, but I think my favourite was our first trip up to ‘Caesar’s Camp’ (WWW: ///checked.huddle.stung), which is a local hiking area around 30 minutes walk away. The trails are a mix of terrain and inclines, have a small lake, free roaming cows, and some great views at the peak.

This was the first time that I had let Merlin roam off lead for more than just a couple of minutes, and he aced it! At no point did he run off, jump in the lake or chase after wildlife. We even stumbled upon some free roaming cows, and while he barked at them, he didn’t try to run to them or harass them (I was ready to grab him just in case).

Even though we ended up spending an hour wandering around, there was still a lot to explore at Caesar's Camp. It’s great knowing such an area exists nearby!

Outside of that, his first trip to London and DogFest stand out purely for how nervous I was about how he would handle it. Particularly with his barking and with it being much busier than he’s used to. But in both instances he proved to me that he’s unfazed by anything and that he can handle it – Apparently I’m the problem!

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