Chocolate Ice Cream Hearts Recipe for Dogs

Chocolate Ice Cream Hearts Recipe for Dogs

With Spring underway and the warmer weather approaching, we are all looking for ways to help keep our dogs cool in the heat! To help, we are sharing our favourite chocolate ice cream recipe which is completely safe for dogs to eat, nutritious and extremely easy to make! 


How to feed

Our chocolate ice cream recipe is not designed to replace your dogs daily food and should only be given as a complementary treat in moderation. The amount you feed your dog will depend on their size and the amount of other treats they have in a day.

You can feed our chocolate ice cream to your dog by either filling your favourite silicone mould or smearing straight onto your favourite enrichment mat before popping it into the freezer.


Isn't chocolate toxic for dogs?

Yes, traditional human chocolate is toxic for dogs, which is why our recipe uses a chocolate alternative called Carob which is completely safe for dogs.


How is your recipe nutritious for dogs?

Our chocolate ice cream for dogs recipe has four main ingredients, each of which have their own health benefits for dogs when fed in moderation.

Kefir Milk

Kefir milk is one of my favourite ingredients to add to recipes. It's not quite as thick and heavy as greek yoghurt. I use it often to thin out my Greek Yoghurt whilst adding a wider variety of probiotic strains. You can find all the health benefits of using Kefir milk here. 

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is a cupboard (or fridge I guess!) staple for many. It's a nutritious powerhouse when it comes to your dogs health. Plus, it adds a beautiful creamy texture for dishes. It's delicious. And finally, it's cheap! Click here for all the health benefits of using Greek Yoghurt.


Carob is a dogs gift from heaven. Well, other than a ball. And a walk... Carob is the ultimate saving grace when it comes to dog friendly chocolate. With normal chocolate being toxic for dogs, Carob is a great substitute. We talk about Carob in depth here discussing all the health benefits. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be the item that most will have in the pantry, but don't realise how nutritious it is for your dog! Coconut oil adds a wealth of health benefits for your dog to recipes. However, you must be cautious on how much you use as it is very calorie dense. It's easy to lose track of the fat content when using coconut oil in recipes so we try to minimise our quantities as much as we can. Click here for our article on coconut oil and all the health benefits associated with it for your dog. 


Our Creamy and Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Hearts Recipe for Dogs

Shopping List*
  1. Kefir milk
  2. Natural full-fat greek yoghurt
  3. Heart Moulds
  4. Carob Powder
  5. Coconut Oil

 Chocolate Ice Cream Hearts for Dogs

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If you have any concerns about introducing new ingredients into your dogs diet, or your dog has any potential health conditions please check with your vet before introducing new foods and introduce new foods in small amounts to ensure they are not intolerant to any ingredients. Our recipes are designed to be given as treats to complement their normal diet, not as a replacement for their normal food.


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